Golden Hour in Paris


Whether I am on vacation, strolling through town or if I am having a shoot: I love photographing during the golden hour. This golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. During those two hours, the light outside will be very soft, which in my opinion gives a lovely feeling to your photos. In this post I would like to share a few of my photos taken during the golden hour.

As you all probably know, I prefer to take my photos in Paris. This city of love stole my heart when I did my internship there in 2015. Earlier I already shared 50+ different photos of La Tour Eiffel with you. Paris makes it easy to take lovely photos and it's even easier when the sun is low in the sky.

This time I am going to write a different kind of post than usual. I won't share photos taken with my Canon camera.. I will share photos which I took with my iPhone 4S during the Golden Hour in Paris! 

Nowadays anybody can snap a quick picture when they want to, thanks to today's technologies. I don't always take my Canon camera with me when I close the door, as it is not easy to carry around. My iPhone SE (in Paris iPhone 4S) helps me out now and then. In Paris I often took a walk home from work and saw the most fantastic light outside. I am a girl that wants to take photos of all beautiful things around, so I always made sure to photograph that the sun setting as well. And guess what? The company Light makes it possible to take pictures of the quality of a DSLR camera, but then with your phone! On their website they write: 'The L16 uses breakthrough optics design with the most advanced imaging engine ever created to give you the control of a DSLR with the convenience of a smartphone.' Basically sounds like a dream to me! I would have been amazing if I had been able to take the shots below with DSLR-quality, don't you think?! The L16 is a compact camera that uses multiple lens systems to shoot photos at the same time. It looks as light and small as a mobile phone, which makes it easy to carry it around with you. At the moment this still comes at quite a cost, but I can't wait to see what the future will bring us.

Please note that most of these photos have a filter on them, as I do not have the original shots anymore.

Perhaps my favourite photo of all time. It is taken at 6:00, when the people in Paris were still asleep and Trocadero was empty.

Please let me know if you liked this different kind of post! :)



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